Diversity can bring unexpected qualities

When a global project is underway, but the work is faltering, executives and employees communicate differently and international project can be threatened with failure:-That´s when my telephone rings. For more than 20 years I have supported midsized and major companies when they build up daughter companies in foreign lands with, projects, mergers, change management or in joint ventures. I support executives and employees in order their challenges can be tackled and made a success. Executives need to feel responsible for the team culture, for the process guidance and the human resources development of their teams also internationally after visiting our leadership programs. Out of irritation becomes clarity and an understanding for each other. That people in organizations lose their inner resistance against change-That teams become through teambuilding more powerful and have more fun with each other and more understanding for each other. People from different countries and cultures discover, realize and appreciate the quality of their differences. That international projects work well and are characterized by high sustainability in the long-term.-That they deliver on-time and the quality is as required, because they were properly prepared from the outset.

I stand for:

  • executives, who feel responsible for the leadership and development of their projects and people
  • That out of a lack of clarity and growing frustration, clarity and mutual understanding develop
  • The teams become more performance and goal-oriented and have more fun through understanding each other.
  • People from different countries and cultures understand their differences, which can be a wonderful learning.
  • International projects will work long-term and become sustainable.

Consulting and Training topics

  • Diversity Cross culture trainings
  • India and cross culture trainings
  • Germany for the Indian colleagues
  • Executive Coaching

Work Experience

  • Since 1996 self-employed consultant for change management and international human resource development, Management trainer, cross-culture consultant and trainer „India – Europe“
  • previously 8 years in-house HRD Consultant, Management trainer in a Major Bank, the last time I was responsible for Change Management also international
  • previously 3 Years head of the Education Center of an International Bank


  • Studied economics and intercultural competence M.A.
  • International Performance Improvement Consultant Coach ISB Wiesloch
  • Master systemic consulting, ISB Wiesloch
  • MBTI, GPOP, Reiss Profile, Intercultural Readyness Check certified, Certified Speaker (CSP)

Key Projects

  • Leadership training program and coaching of the executive team from an international Engineering company in India
  • Accompany the Management by building up a branch in Czech Republic for a major bank
  • Accompany the outsourcing offshoring for a telecommunication company with India
  • Leadership education program for a german automotive major company in India, China and Singapore
  • Intercultural training „Germany“ in India for engineering companies, automotive, energy, textile, automation technology and others
  • A huge change management process in the international R&D of a major company in Sweden, Germany, Finland, India and Switzerland