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Company-promotions, customer-events, fairs or conferences. To motivate your employees for their international projects




Datas, facts and figures – is that enough internationally?


We Germans live in the strongest fact culture. Relationship building is running more or less by the way. But 80 % of the world are relationship cultures. In the keynote I speak about the chances and risks, which arise out of this difference.

The German leadership can be international a risk!

In international projects it is apparent that what works locally is not always successful elsewhere. Employees tend to act like the manager expects, but in reality are more or less lost with German managers, because the guidance is not clear enough. 90% of the German managers think that they are excellent leaders, but studies show that about 80% of the employees see that differently. That can consume a lot of energy and resource and globally this is even more significant.


Successs in Asia

What is necessary?