Can international projects be successful?

Yes, of course, international projects can be successful! There is a recipe what you can follow however: Put your project team in an airplane and bring them together. We all know that, when we visit a doctor, whom we do not know and he asks us: Do you practice a sport or do you eat healthily, then it is difficult for us to be very clear and say no: not healthy and no sport. We more or less, say: yes, yes, it could be a bit more….but…. Whereas we sit with our family doctor, whom we have known for years, we have trust, we feel comfortable in telling him much more.

We Germans have the strongest fact culture. We often try to leave our emotions out of all business. In this world however we are pretty much alone, 80% of the world has a relationship culture. In Asia, Africa & South America-even Southern Europe- our fact oriented manner reaches its natural boundaries. But it is not nece

But it is not necessary; with benefit from my long-term global experience and my knowledge as trainer and coach we can handle that. Of course you can also come with your topics in a face to face coaching. I would be very pleased to work with you regarding:

  • Which intercultural knowledge is necessary for whom?
  • What cultural differences are important to be aware of and note?
  • How you can build up a deep trustful relationship internationally?
  • How then of course your projects can reach the expected goals in time, quality and other expected goals?