75% of all international projects and mergers fail

„They did something else than we discussed and agreed!“

Let me guess, did you make a video call at the beginning of the project? Because of time reasons or cost reasons one save the travels for all. But what stays on the track are the needs and wishes of the global colleagues to the headquarter colleagues and executives in Germany. Please do it differently and create an understanding of each other and overcome the cultural differences.


Did you guide today?

In Germany executives lead less and less, because everyone thinks that the employees want to work in an empowered fashion. In relationship cultures this way of leadership creates significant irritation. Individual personal responsibility is a highly valued in our culture, but not always in cultures of our international colleagues. Our leadership understanding is different to that in other countries. When we understand the cultural variations of our colleagues and also give our global colleagues...


Factculture vs. relationshipculture

80% of the world’s culture are  relationship cultures. In Germany facts, dates and figures are key and rule our daily lives. We write papers, give clear facts as instructions, give fact oriented feedback, nevertheless it is often not working. I share a secret with you: without trust in each other, successful projects are seldom. In order to work with your international colleagues- without misunderstandings, without quality losses, without project delays– then you should take the time know each...


„I'm Petra Mehl.“

For more than 25 years I have been moving between the worlds of organizational and human resources development, accompanying change processes and ensuring that international projects are well prepared. Only then can they be successful.

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Figures, data, facts - is that enough?

In this lecture I will focus on the problems and opportunities that arise from this.

German leadership is an international risk!

Get a comprehensive overview with my presentation and find out how you can do better.

„If we were to set up our projects with our French colleagues in the same way as we are doing with our Indian colleagues, they would work. That was fun and provided clarity.“

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